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Course Sponsor: Ideal Shield

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the variety of guarding products available for use in and around facilities to ensure the safety of pedestrians, valuable machinery, and equipment. This program also reviews applications, installation options, and common product finishes which will assist in making the right decisions for your clients.

Ideal Shield is the manufacturer of the Original Bumper Post Sleeve, the strongest guardrail on the market, and a variety of handrail systems. Our patented line of products saves time, money, and maintenance by eliminating the need to paint. We continue to be the industry leader in facility maintenance solutions with a long list of acclaimed products which also includes sign bases, goal posts (door guarding), column wraps, clearance bars, and more. With hundreds of styles available in a variety of sizes and colors, we continually meet the needs of any facility.
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Elgin Butlet AIA Course

Course Sponsor: Elgin Butler Comp.

Elgin Butler Company has been manufacturing and distributing quality architectural products since 1873, including Structural Glazed Brick and Tile, Architectural Trim Units, Ceramic Base Wall Units, Decorative Tile, Stone, and much more.

Course No: EB0401-W | Narration: No | In this course, you will discover how clay is transformed into environmentally sound and durable structural ceramic glazed masonry products; and the ASTM testing that make sizes and shapes structurally sound while providing life and property safety. You will learn how structural glazed brick and tile differ from a polymer (plastic) coated CMU (block), as well as how ceramic glazed brick performs in freeze-thaw climates to insure better building safety. The program also reviews cost comparisons, industry nomenclature, applicable ASTM standards and technical data. In addition, you will see a wide variety of buildings and applications.
Tymetal Corp. AIA CE

Course Sponsor:
Tymetal Corp.

Course No: TY0808-W | Narration: No | Video: Yes | HSW-Yes |

Provides an overview of the NEWLY REVISED 2016 UL325 National Standard. The course will guide design professionals on how to properly specify automated vehicular gates and also include important facts to know about UL325 and ASTM F 2200 Standards as they apply to automated gates. The design professional will learn in detail those standards and what to do to protect the firm and client liability.
Auto Gate
MTI How to Install Thin Stone with a Rainscreen - Gravity Cavity Installation Video
MTI How to Install Thin Stone with a Rainscreen - Gravity Cavity Installation Video
Using a rainscreen drainage gap ventilates walls to reduce the risk of moisture infiltration. Learn how to incorporate a rainscreen in a thin stone wall system.
Energex One Step Trowel on Membrane

One Step Trowel On Membrane* is a self-gauging application of a liquid membrane that acts as both vapor/air barrier and adhesive. Its patented application produces a level of approximately 1.5 mm membrane and adhesive with standard hand trowel applications. This feature makes drainage system applications fast and easy, saving labor costs of 25% (at least) in efficient application of insulation on air barrier membrane.

Architect-Forum Video Space

Architect-Forum Video Ad Space
Learn how you can educate design professionals about your products through short product video clips .
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ABBA Conference 2018
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  Masonry Technology Inc. News

Rainscreens: 5 Things You Should Know

Do “drainable” WRB’s count as rainscreens? Do I need a rainscreen if I tape insulation seams? Check your rainscreen knowledge in a quick 2 minute video. Read on to refine your rainscreen expertise.

MTI's Rainscreens: 5 Things You Should Know MTI Mortar Control Video
MTI "Keep water out; Let water out if it gets in.”. Learn More

Spring Showers Shouldn’t Bring Wet Basements

30 years ago MTI founder and CEO John Koester created a product that kept basements dry and was foolproof to install. 300,000 jobs later MTI's Floor Edging and Control Cavity systems have never had a failure or callback.

MTI's basement systems are compatible with radon and soil gas mitigation systems. Specify MTI to build comfortable, dry and safe basements.

Watch a 2 Minute overview of how MTI's systems have kept basements dry for 30 years.”


MTI's Spring Showers Shouldn’t Bring Wet Basements MTI Mortar Control Video

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AIA Mandatory Continuing Education FAQ - Sustainability

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