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Online continuing education is a very useful and convenient way for design professionals to earn their continuing education credits. Online courses are available for download 24/7, 365 days a year. Courses can be downloaded via pdf and completed at your your convenience. All courses are also in html5 and mobile friendly.

mr_steam_AIA_HSW IDCEC Course_Designing_for_Wellness Steam Showers

Designing for Wellness

Course No.: MS10-W2, This 1 hour course will cover basic Wellness Design terms and concepts. In this course, we will explore the concept of Wellness and apply Interior Design methodology and address how to apply Biophilia, Living In Place and Feng Shui concepts to create overall Wellness Design and identify when to use them to achieve the most auspicious health and safety benefits of each. Participants will then be able to apply this knowledge in personal projects; both architectural and design oriented.

Lesson(s): 0 Test: Yes HSW: Yes SD: No ADA: No

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Noncombustible Structural Subflooring Everything You Need to Know About Magnesium Oxide

Course No.: DB06-W4 This course is designed for architects, engineers, designers, and construction professionals to understand the origins and applications of magnesium oxide for use in building design and construction as a structural subflooring material. This program provides participants with the tools necessary to design with magnesium oxide panels. The session includes an overview of the latest advancements in magnesium oxide (MgO) products, practical uses and applications, and guidance for contract documents.

Lesson(s): 0 Test: Yes HSW: Yes SD: No ADA: No

Sponsor: DragonBoard USA
Innova Eco Building Systems-on demand-AIA HSW-MgO Structural Insulated Panels

Designing with MgO Structural Insulated Panels II

Course No: IEBS0702-W | Narration: No | Videos: No | In this course, the design professional will discover how High-performance MgO Insulated Structural panels are a part of an energy-efficiency design strategy that can improve energy efficiency and performance with small to medium size projects. Designers will also learn about the unique properties of SIPs such as high fire ratings, greater R-Values and superior structural integrity that make the system out perform traditional building methods. In learning these things designers will take away the knowledge that not only are SIPs a strong, environmentally friendly building material, but also a cost effective way to build.

Lesson(s): 0 Test: Yes HSW: Yes SD: Yes ADA: No

Sponsor: Innova Eco Building System
ecoglo-Photoluminescence: Webinar & Lunch and Learn-AIA HSW- Applied Use in Code Compliance and Enhanced Safety

Photoluminescence: Applied Use in Code Compliance and Enhanced Safety F2F

WEBINAR / LUNCH and LEARN: COURSE NUMBER: EC1001-F, Falls are responsible for more open wounds, fractures, and brain injuries than any other cause of injury. Photoluminescent (PL) exit path markers have proven to provide safe and quick egress in all light conditions for occupants and fail-safe guidance to first responders entering unfamiliar surroundings in the event of an emergency. This course discusses the benefits of PL safety products and the codes and testing standards related to PL way-finding systems.

HSW: Yes SD: No ADA: No

Sponsor: Ecoglo Inc.
10.00 USD

ADA Standards for Barrier-Free Bathware for Assisted Living

Course No.: PD-CB22-W1 This program is intended for design professionals who want to gain knowledge and understanding over the following: The different Codes and Regulations that govern ADA compliance. ADA requirements for shower stalls. Available ADA compliant shower stalls. Understanding the 2012 ADA Standards proper applications for different ADA complaint showers & proper installation of a barrier free showers.

Lesson(s): 0 Test: Yes HSW: Yes SD: No ADA: Yes

Sponsor: Architect-Forum

Protecting Buildings From the Elements with Acrylic Sealant Technology

WEBINAR / LUNCH and LEARN: Course #: TS0701-F This session provides a summary of construction sealants (i.e. silicone, urethane, hybrid and acrylic) and presents the benefits of acrylic technology in sealing buildings. It provides an overview of the various sealant technologies used in commercial construction. Learn the differences of sealant products including the pros and cons of each chemistry. Including the introduction of high-performance water borne technology, acrylic-urethane, and its benefits in commercial applications. Discover how acrylic-urethane sealant, AU-1, performs providing an acceptable alternative to silicone and polyurethane for long term building integrity.

HSW: Yes SD: No ADA: No

Sponsor: Tower Sealants

Vehicular Gate & Operator Systems: Easy To Learn Design Criteria For Compliance With The UL325 & ASTM2200 Nation

Course No.: TY0813-W Provides an overview of the NEWLY REVISED 2016 UL325 National Standard. The course will guide design professionals on how to properly specify automated vehicular gates and also include important facts to know about UL325 and ASTM F 2200 Standards as they apply to automated gates. The design professional will learn in detail those standards and what to do to protect the firm and client liability.

Lesson(s): 0 Test: Yes HSW: Yes SD: No ADA: No

Sponsor: Tymetal Corp.
Tymetal Corp-on demand-AIA HSW-Using Bollards with ASTM F3016 Standard is a Design Liability

BOLLARD BASICS: New ASTM F3016 Standard is a Design Liability Game Changer! V3

Course No.: TY0815-W This program will cover why the new ASTM F3016 Standard was developed and what the Bollard design specifier now needs to know to protect their company and customers from low speed vehicle impact liability. Provided is a thorough explanation and overview of how Bollards and other Vehicle Impact Protective Devices are tested under the new national low speed ASTM F3016 Standard and why traditional concrete filled Bollards fail this test method.

Lesson(s): 0 Test: Yes HSW: Yes SD: No ADA: No

Sponsor: Tymetal Corp.