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Every site visitor can find information about our company, online courses we offer, news and events. However, a registration is required to participate in learning activities and receive completion certificates; manage own Events Calendar and communicate with students, teachers, administrator.

The web-site consists of the following sections:

First name, last name, login and password are mandatory fields. Upload a photo to represent and personalize your profile. Profile password can be reset? forgot password’ option is available for help.

Reset your Architect-Forum Account Password
To reset your A-F account password you must click on the Forgot Password link located below the username and password fields. Enter the account email and check your email to start the password recovery process. The first email will contain the recovery link you will use to enter your new password. After you submit the new password you will receive a second email with your new password and username. If you would like to see the instructions in more detail please click here to download our instructional pdf.

Course Player/Readers Needed to See the Courses
In order to see the courses you must have Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. To download Flash Player Click Here. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader please click here. We recommend you using Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox as your viewing browser.

Recommended Browsers
Architect-Forum recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox for best results. Microsoft Edge browser does not work with our website.
To download Google Chrome - PC latest version please click here.
To download FireFox Mozilla - PC click here
To download FireFox Mozilla - Mac click here
To download Google Chrome - Mac click here

What to do if you get an internal server error.

To use the test feature of A-F's website, you must enable javascript & cookies in your browser. The temporary cookie keeps your account open during login and permits the test feature to write your score to the online database. If you disable cookies, you will receive a "Internal Server Error" when the test attempts to write to the database.

To enable cookies & javascript in Microsoft Internet Explorer: Enable Cookies: From the menu bar, select , . Select the "Security" tab. Select the "Internet" zone. Click the "Custom Level" button. Under the "Cookies" heading, select "Enable" for both options.
Enable Javascript: , . Select the "Security" tab. Select the "Internet" zone. Click the "Custom Level" button. Under the "Scripting" heading, select "Enable" for all options.

What you need to do if you get a User Get Failed Error.
If you get a User Get Failed Error message after submitting the final answer while taking the exam, please make sure that you have your browser set to accept cookie handling. To set please do the following:

  1. While using internet explorer go to Tools and scroll down to Internet Options.
  2. Go to the Privacy Tab and around the middle of the screen you should see a button labeled Advanced click on it.
  3. Make sure that Override cookie handling is checked and both First and Third party cookies are set to accept.
  4. Click OK and then close your browser. Then Open internet explorer and go and take as many test and courses as you want, you are set.


Certificate of Completion Access
If you have trouble accessing the certificate of completion or taking a course, please make sure that javascript is enabled in your browser. To get help with enabling javascript in your browser please follow the instructions by clicking on this link.

If you can not view the Certificate of Completion in your browser please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed. If you do not have the viewer you will not be able to view the certificate. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader please click here

Course Test Issues
We recommend you using Mozilla FireFox or Internet Explorer. To be able to take the test cookies must be enabled. Please check if cookies are enabled in your browser or google enabling cookies for your appropriate browser. Google offers quick instruction in how to enable please click here to view the instructions.

A flexible way to manage personal day, week, month. Subscription to a course and personal events can be added/edited/deleted.

Instant messenger
Online communication is so exiting! Learn new facts, exchange opinions with other students, leave feedbacks, get live help from teachers, administrators.

Interface language
Our web-site supports multi-lingual interface. You can switch site pages from one language to another with the help of a drop-down on top menu. Certain pages may be available in one language only. If so, don’t get worried.

Online courses
Course catalogue represents all courses available on our web-site. Each course is introduced by a short description and some basic information (time limits, number of lessons, final exams, free/paid). A course can be added to events calendar and scheduled with any time frames. Thus, you can plan your learning process in the best and most suitable way, according to your time zone.

When a course is paid, the system will ask you about the payment way. We offer a wide range of payment options. An access to the course is open after the payment is received.

Feel free to use Contact Us from if you have any issues with the payment. We are available for live and quick help!

Being at a lesson you can stop at any moment reading it and restart at most convenient time.

If you did not complete the lesson for a given time, our system will transfer you back to the list of courses, and you will have to take the course once again. And if the course is paid, you will have to pat once again!

If you have passed a course successfully, you will get a completion certificate which you’ll be able to print.

Your payments history is available for view.

Offline course access
After designers successfully complete a course they no longer have access to the Flash Based course used to complete the course material. Architect-Forum has provided all designers a convinient way to access courses through an Offline PDF course method. There are two ways to access all offline courses. 1- Is through "My Courses" and 2- Is through your "View Transcript" link located on the left hand side under Learning (after logging in).
If you would like to see an instructional video please click here.

We work hard to offer up-to-date and hot e-learning news. In this section, we’ll also inform about coming company events and news!

Contact us
Online forms have always been an easy and save way to contact site administration. Feel free to do so if you have questions or need help!