mr steam: Western Nevada Supply Brings Steam To Homeowners In The Southwest
26-Oct-16 18:13

NEWS - mr steam: Western Nevada Supply Brings Steam To Homeowners In The Southwest

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Western Nevada Supply Brings Steam To Homeowners In The Southwest

Wed, Jan 27, 2016 /  Hello MrSteam

Western Nevada Supply, a premiere steam supplier with eight branches and three showrooms throughout the Southwest, has been bringing the benefits of steam to area homeowners for much of its 52-year history. While many people know what a steam shower is, some do not understand just now feasible it is to have one installed in their home.

“Many of our clients are aware of steam, either from seeing it in a friend’s home or at the gym, and they are interested in incorporating it into their own home,” says Jeff Mecca, showroom manager of Western Nevada Supply in in Sparks, Nevada, where the company is breaking ground on an 8500-square foot showroom to further expand their outreach.

As one of the industry’s most premier wholesale houses, Western Nevada and its “Blue Team” offer a diverse line of products including plumbing, waterworks, HVAC, irrigation, industrial (PVF), hydronics and solar at the company's many state-of-the-art kitchen & bath showroom locations.

Mecca and his team aim to raise awareness of the benefits of steam as well as ensure that steam clients are properly installing their systems and utilizing their steam shower space to its full potential.

“Two major areas to consider when prepping for a steam shower install are the functional requirements and the desired end result,” says Mecca. Showrooms and contractors will take care of the functional aspect of the install – the electrical requirements, plumbing requirements, running the cables and other mechanical aspects of the job. The only thing homeowners need to worry about is the desired end result. They are responsible for choosing materials, ceiling height considerations and whether or not to incorporate add-ons like ChromaTherapy and MusicTherapy. Showrooms can offer design suggestions, recommending necessities and add-ons that clients are often not aware of.

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